Please welcome our guest blogger, Imogen, as shares her insights…on how to tap into your inner rock star to find a new healthier you.

Find Your Weight-Loss Personality
By Imogen Reed

Beyoncé Knowles is a marvelous advocate for body confidence.  She has lost weight for movie roles like that of Deena Jones in Dreamgirls, but beyond those special circumstances is proud of the body that she has, even to the point of filming videos in tight clothes while pregnant.

Beyoncé is without doubt a very confident person, which leads a lot of people to ask where this confidence comes from.  In answer, she has often told the media that when she goes on stage, she calls herself by a stage name.  She calls herself ‘Sasha Fierce’– and this character is capable of anything.  She’s strong and confident, sexy and evocative. Beyoncé, for the short term at least, is transformed.

We are not all stepping out onto the stage, but most of us have to face challenges throughout our lives, such as losing weight for a wedding or an upcoming Mediterranean cruise.  Faced with these challenges, we may see a more timid side of our personalities.  This temerity is natural– it’s part of being a woman– but it can keep us from realizing what we want to achieve, if that thing is difficult.  We may have a voice inside ourselves that tells us that we’re not strong enough, we’re going to make mistakes, and we’re going to fail in the end.

In these cases, we need to call upon our own deep resources of strength.  Of course, this isn’t an advertisement for adopting multiple personalities!  Along with adopting ‘Sasha Fierce’, this alter ego to swoop in and take over, there are a couple of other things we can do.  For example, for many of us the most helpful device will be to focus on the end result that we want.  Another method may be distracting ourselves with something else that makes us happy.

Beyoncé’s method is simply an illustration of how we may need to have a different mindset when we come upon a situation that is new, difficult, or tests us in some way.  Taking on a new health regime entails learning a host of new skills, in addition to increased levels of stamina and willpower.  Below are some ways to be strong and connect with your inner rock star.

Be Brave, Be Adventurous

Perhaps you’ve never rolled your own sushi.  Perhaps you’ve never stood on a bosu ball, ridden a unicycle, or gone cross-country skiing.  But don’t let that stop you.

First of all, remind yourself that learning new things becomes increasingly difficult as we get older because we get settled into our comfort zones and routines.  Once we are settled, we feel confident in those familiar environments and activities, and by contrast new situations cause us to be nervous.

People who succeed at leading a healthy lifestyle are those that don’t let life’s changes keep them from getting out, learning new things, and enjoying life to the fullest.  It may take steeling your nerves and putting your adventurous hat on.  A recommended “best practice” is to beef up your reading list and stock your Kindle with stories that inspire you.  Read about women who did not let any obstacles get in their way (Beyoncé’s story may even be a good one to start with).

Next, ask your friends and family members to share examples of times when they tried something new and were glad they did.  You may decide to sign up for a daily inspirational quote service. Look for inspiration everywhere.

Get Fierce

Begin by try some new things, starting with small victories, such as cooking new recipes (like rolling sushi).  Then move onto bigger challenges, such as exploring new walking trail in your town or taking on a new fitness class.  Then move up to the next level, like a new activity that takes some skill… skateboarding, horseback riding, ballet dancing, unicycles– with protective gear on, of course!

Although a lot of advertisers like to say that you can lose weight without changing your activities or your diet, this is simply not true.  Changing your life always takes motivation, passion, and the surmounting of challenges.  Effectively, you should be ready to switch gears when you’re thinking about weight loss.  Wear a new hat that allows you to rough-house with the kids and dog in the back yard, get filthy playing soccer in the rain, or even muck out horse stables.  Be ready to find your fitness personality, which may be different from the superwoman you are when you’re at work or with your loved ones.

Connect with your inner rock star, and this method as you introduce yourself to new activities and situations.  If you can keep variety and adventure the core of your fitness routine, your path to weight loss will be anything but boring.  You’ll soon transform yourself into a happier, and more confident person.  You really will be on the path to finding a new, healthier you.

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