When we think of food allergy, we think of something serious…like someone eating shellfish or peanuts and their throat gets completely clogged and they can’t breath. And they have to be rush to the emergency room…and maybe even be hospitalized.

What if I told you that there are a lot of us walking around who also have food allergies…but our allergic symptoms to those foods are not as severe. It shows up as mild little things that we think are totally normal. But our food intolerance is actually causing us to feel bloated, tired, moody, irritable, and carry those excess stubborn weight.

That’s a lot of stress on your body.

So far from my own personal experiences, I find that my body is very sensitive to a lot of things. Ranging from strong scent, caffeine, alcohol, sodas, dairy, wheat, sugars to certain foods. So the last few years, I spent some time going through Andrea Albright‘s books and audios. I was so angry and at the same time so darn relieve to find out that I had food intolerance.

I learned so much about how my body works. How certain foods react in my body. And how if I eat these “trigger food”…my stomach gets bloated, my face gets puffy, and my body feels like I was partying and drinking liquor the last night. But the surprising thing is…I didn’t even go out or have any alcohol. All I did was ate pasta and bread with a little bit of hot sauce.

It’s crazy right?

To think, your body can react like this to FOOD.

And get this…a majority of the population is allergic to wheat, diary, and sugar… And not even know about it. They just interpret the subtle food allergy reaction of feeling tired, fatigue, bloated, foggy mind, irritability, headaches, depression, and digestion issue as normal and part of getting older.

And you know what’s even more crazy…

If you have food sensitivity, your allergic food reaction can show up completely different compare to someone who is also sensitive to that very same food…And the symptoms may not even show up until a day after. Which is why it’s so challenging to diagnose what food you may have an intolerance to. Best thing to do is to completely eliminate the food you suspect is giving you those allergic reactions for a week or two. And see how you feel…then add it back to see if you do have adverse affect to them by paying very close attention to how you feel in your body and mood. And if you are not sure which food you are sensitive to, you can start with eliminating wheat and dairy since that seems to be the most common food allergies among the majority.

And if you want more help, I highly suggest Rose Cole’s “10 Week Transformation Program“. She has such an amazing program to completely help you find out what food you are sensitive to and get your body functioning at its optimal.

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