Please welcome back, Imogen Reed, as she  shares some of the natural weight loss options. How green tea, apple cider vinegar, evening primrose oil, and more protein can help you reduce your appetite and lose weight.

Natural Weight Loss Options
By Imogen Reed

Losing weight can be a challenge for anyone; it takes a lot of determination and a good daily routine to achieve the results you are looking for. If you decide to look for a weight loss aid all the supplements on the market currently can make it difficult to know what could help with weight loss, and what could hinder it, especially if you are pairing it with a good daily exercise regime. Many of these supplements claim to burn fat without any additional exercise on top of your usual daily activity, however these can be confusing and misleading; natural remedies can offer similar if not better results than many of the pre-formed pills that are on the market, and are much less likely to produce any unwanted side effects or problems.

Drink Some Green Tea!

It has been observed that in many circumstances increasing your intake of green tea, whilst dieting with included lifestyle changes such as added exercise, can greatly improve the ability your body has to lose weight. It is actually a property of the green tea leaf that supposedly helps with weight loss; allowing you to feel less hungry by decreasing your appetite. This can be excellent for people who feel as though they often eat just for the sake of eating, either due to boredom or a misunderstanding on their part, mistaking a feeling of thirst for one of hunger – something that is surprisingly easy to do. Another reason to drink green tea, also related to a property within the tea leaf, is to increase the metabolism for fat and calorie burning, making it a brilliant aid for exercise. The property of the green tea leaf that gives these benefits can be bought separately as an extract if you do not like the flavour of green tea.

Try Some Apple Cider Vinegar

It may sound strange, but apple cider vinegar is a brilliant aid to weight loss. It is suggested that apple cider vinegar improves the resting metabolism rate of the body, so it makes an ideal diet aid for anyone who works in an office at a desk for long periods of time. The method of intake may seem a little strange, but it can become a less strange experience as you get used to it; mix two teaspoons of preferably organic apple cider vinegar with approximately 500 millilitres of water and drink this periodically throughout the day. Remember, do not drink all of this at once; you can sip it either when thirsty, or sip it between other drinks, aiming to finish the full amount within the space of a day.

Oil of Evening Primrose

This is an excellent aid for anyone who has decided to do daily exercise in the form of a 20 to 30 minute, relatively intensive, workout. It is a very simple and easy step to add into a dieting regime, and does not involve drinking anything you do not want or do not enjoy. Simply consume an oil of evening primrose capsule prior to your daily workout, allowing your metabolism to be stimulated and hence causing your body to burn more calories during and after your exercise. This can be paired with green tea or an apple cider vinegar mixture to see even better results with your weight loss, and to help you to remain feeling less hungry throughout the day.

Increase Your Protein Intake

This one might come as a surprise for some people; however this can be an excellent way to aid weight loss consistently throughout a diet and lifestyle change. There are of course many different ways to increase protein intake, but one of the best way to do this is with a supplement that can be measured to ensure you do not overdo the increase in protein. An ideal, fully natural supplement for weight loss is pea protein; this is high in essential and non-essential amino acids, known for reducing body fat and aiding muscle gain, ideal if you are attempting to lose weight and also get toned. This is also suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, allowing it to be used by mostly anyone to gain its brilliant effects. There are other ways to gain protein, however this is the easiest and most measured way to do so, as well as being a very efficient method.

Remember, when combining a diet with exercise and natural remedies or supplements, there is probably going to be a significant amount of muscle gain, which could almost or completely negate the weight loss in terms of fat. Perseverance is important; after a while your body shape will begin to change and improve, and all of the effort will become worthwhile.

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