Here’s an amazing blend from Rose Cole. A rejuvenating magic potion that will sure to brighten up your mood.

I know she made this aromatherapy mixture to help enrich your holiday experience… But why wait to use it on that day only. You could be using it for your dinner party this coming weekend. Check out this amazing aromatherapy… specially blend to perfection!

Comforting Holiday Aromatherapy
By Rose Cole (CNC, CHNP, Holistic Nutrition Coach)

Nature Cheers The Heart & Brightens The Mood!

The appeal of the familiar and lively scent of orange makes it one of the world’s most popular scents.

The scent of orange or orange essential oil adds an uplifting quality to blends and combines especially well with lavender, rose, and spices oils like clove bud.

And this is just my theory, but I think it’s impossible to be sad or depressed while smelling the scent of orange!

Aromatherapy Benefits of Orange:

Fights Depression & Winter Blues
It’s The Scent of “YES!”

Another one of my favorites around the holidays is the scent of clove, which just so happens to go perfectly with orange.

Clove buds or clove bud oil is a sweet, spicy aroma that’s familiar and comforting. Clove bud adds warmth to blends containing lavender, bergamont, and clary sage.

Aromatherapy Benefits of Clove:


It’s also an excellent oil for diffusion especially with the scent of orange to create a cheerful, positive atmosphere.

Here’s my favorite recipe for easy at-home holiday comfort aromatherapy if you don’t have a diffuser machine, or if you just want a fun project with kids.

4 cups water
1 orange (sliced)
1/4 cup whole cloves
1 1/2 teaspoon orange essential oil
1 1/2 clove bud essential oil

Place orange slices and cloves in a pan and simmer water. Add orange & clove essential oils to create a comforting homespun atmosphere. TIP: add more water as needed as it evaporate


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