Today, we have Carolyn Anderson, an advocate of healthy living, to show us 3 Natural Ways to help you eliminate toxins in your body.

Detoxify Your Body Naturally – 3 Ways to Help You Eliminate Toxins in Your Body

 When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, it is indeed wise to go for the natural. Maintaining an active lifestyle and an ideal weight are not the only thing about being healthy, it also helps to detoxify your body naturally.

Indeed, toxins can get into our bodies from the food we eat and from the environment around us. Processed foods, high-fat and fried foods, fast foods, alcohol, caffeine, lots of sugars, chemicals and substances from dairy and poultry products, junk foods, preservatives, food additives… there are a lot of them that we feed our bodies that can put a strain to proper body functioning.

As we accumulate toxins in our bodies, we tend to feel sluggish and we tend to gain more weight. The body’s immune system may also be affected by the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus we frequently get sick.

There may be many ways to eliminate toxins out of our bodies but, as mentioned earlier, it is just wise to got for the natural ways when we talk about health and keeping in shape. Here are three ways to help you detoxify your body naturally.

1. Switch to a diet of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. Indeed, fresh vegetables and fruits play a big part in eliminating toxins out of your body. Most often, raw vegetables are good to detoxify the body. Steaming them lightly will also do. This way, the enzymes and nutrients in vegetables will remain intact.

Among the vegetables and fruits that are good to eliminate toxins are those green and leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, cucumber, carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and many other vegetables especially those you enjoy eating raw. Fruits like apples, blueberries, blackberries, avocado, grapes, mangoes, bananas and many others are also good to eliminate toxins.

When you start with your detoxification, you have to avoid toxins too by avoiding processed foods, junk foods, meat, dairy and poultry products. This will allow the detoxification to be efficient. The way to detoxify your body naturally with fiber-rich vegetables and fruits is more like being vegetarian for a couple of days or so. You don’t have to starve yourself though. You can always eat when you are hungry.

The best veggies and fruits in your cleansing diet are those that are organically grown. This way, you are assured that they are free from chemicals and pesticides. If you cannot avail of organic veggies, make sure you clean those vegetables thoroughly before eating them.

2. Drink plenty of water. Indeed, water helps flush out the toxins in our bodies and helps the body to function well. You can also drink warm water with fresh lemon juice. You can also add fruit juices in your liquid intake but make sure to get it from the fresh fruits and not from canned ones.

3. Have a regular exercise to help you detoxify your entire body. Exercise is another important way to detoxify your body naturally as it eliminates body toxins through sweating. However, it is important to replenish lost fluids by drinking enough water as well.


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