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Demystify natural weight loss. Learn about the phases and plateau to better understand how to loose fat permanently and keep them off. Prepare yourself for your fat loss journey to a flat belly.

View this short video full of interesting fat loss information from Andrea Albright. Become more knowledgeable about the ups and downs, so when you run into them you can break through them quickly.

Learn about the effects of sugar and your hormone… And how they affect your flat belly goal.

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Check out these 3 new alternative healthy carbohydrate substitutes. Keep your energy stable and prevent those dreadful sugar CRASH

Why Is Bread So Addictive? Eat These 3 Foods Instead

By Andrea Albright

Eating bread is just as addictive as
heroine… but unlike a heroine addict
who has to go out and “score” their

If you’re addicted to bread, you have
to face it everywhere.

Why Is Bread So Addictive?

Bread is a refined carbohydrate, meaning it
has been stripped down of all the nutrients,
and even the fiber has been removed.

All that’s left is a carbohydrate, or
a sugar, that is absorbed into your blood
VERY fast.

And unlike table sugar that is only one
chain of a sugar molecule (or maybe two
in some kinds of sugar)…

Bread is an entire CHAIN of sugar
molecules.  And that means you get a
MASSIVE sugar hit to your system.

All these chains break down in your
digestion in an instant and FLOOD your
blood with sugar.

This gives you an energy spike, but when
your blood sugar (or glucose levels) are
too HIGH…

Your body does this really amazing thing
to protect itself…

It stores fat.

And then you CRASH.

Isn’t that fantastic?!

And when you crash, you crave more and
more bread
in order to get your sugar
levels back up.

And the cycle repeats.

You Can Break Your Addiction To Bread

Over the next 3 days, be aware of how much bread
you are eating.

Try replacing bread with some slow-burning
carbohydrates that are not refined.

Here are some healthy substitutes:

1.  Brown Rice

2.  Quinoa

3.  Seeds And Nuts

You will still get your same “nutty,
earthy, and crunchy” satisfaction from
eating these foods like you do when you
eat bread…

But you won’t get the sugar spike, fat storage,
and a sugar crash that comes with it.


Your Friend,
Love and Light,

P.S.  To learn how to break your sugar
and stop eating refined carbohydrates,
I take you through it step-by-step in my

It starts on p. 151 and there’s an entire
chapter on “Breaking Addictions” and it works
great for bread addiction.

If you’re ready to get this handled in your
life, I know it will work for you too, go here:

Break Your Addiction To Bread


Ever wonder why you can feel so tired, edgy, and irritable after you eat?

I used to mindlessly eat junk food. I didn’t think it was a big deal since I exercised.

Though recently I’ve been waking up to how damaging processed junk foods really are thanks to health and wellness coaches like Andrea Albright. These junk foods caused my constant upset stomach, migraines, and were the main reason why I struggled to lose weight ESPECIALLY my belly fat even though I was called a gym rat!

I used to work and live at the gym. Literally 8 hours of work and then 1 to 2 hours of workout and play afterward – 5 days a week! Crazy right?

Anyways, back to eliminating the junk foods…

In her eBook, Andrea exposes these ugly truths:

-Exactly what processed food does to your body
-Why your junk food cravings can get so strong
-What causes many of your mood swings
-Why you can get so tired after eating
-And how you could be allergic to certain food and not even know it…

By eliminating these FAKE foods — eventually your body will heal itself and return to its natural state. Instead of craving junk food, you’ll be addicted to healthy REAL food. (What a surprise that would be!)

You might be asking, “But how am I suppose to stop eating junk food? I don’t know if I can do it.”

Good news is Andrea has a simple and proven technique to get you on your way towards ending ANY addiction. It’s the same technique she used to end her junk food cravings (and even quit her bad smoking habit).

I highly recommend reading Andrea’s eBook Amazing Body Now: How To Lose Weight By Feeding And Nourishing Your Spirit to learn EXACTLY how she did it. And of course, to get her SECRETS of losing weight and keeping it off for life!

Seriously, don’t waste your money on an exercise machine, diet pills, or other weight loss solutions until you grab a copy of this e-book and LEARN how it ALL works.

I know, because even as a gym rat with two personal training sessions each week, taking multivitamins, eating nutritional bars, drinking protein shakes, and somewhat on and off on my meal plans…this is one of the things my trainer knew, but never called me out on it. I was still doing something wrong. Mainly my ADDICTION to processed food.

I was still binging on junk food every now and then. Especially on my FREE days! Those were the days my trainer let me off –meaning I get to eat whatever I want in moderation. But one greasy salted bite of JUNK food and you know how that goes… Perhaps, I was taking it way too far. :-)

…And those FREE days off were enough to cause me to still feel tired, bloated, irritable, and light headed. My energy would fluctuate a lot.

Discover just what the heck is happening in your body so you can be sure you get results. Don’t be like me when I started — exercise 1-2 hours a day and still not see the body I wanted!

Andrea’s even created a “savior’s” guide to help us — especially women on the move. As she puts it, “to revolutionize the way women lose weight”. Her eBook includes ACTION STEPS to help you start using these healthy habits TODAY.

When you’re ready for a long term solution to handling this part of you life and get your body’s obsessions under control once and for all, check out Andrea Albright’s eBook Amazing Body Now: How To Lose Weight By Feeding And Nourishing Your Spirit.

OR… if you’re more of  an audio learner, you might want to get her “Reveal The Thin Within” Audio Program.

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