You know what is plastered all over the internet? The Truth About Abs ads. Everywhere I surf, there it was; on youtube, on facebook, on yahoo, on my gmail, and on health sites that I visit…the lists goes on and on. Got me curious, what the heck is this truth that I don’t know? Is there a way I can tighten my abs more easily than what I am already doing? Maybe, this Truth About Abs has the answer.

So I read his e-book. I like the different exercises that show how to work out my whole mid-section. The e-book was packed with lots of abdominal exercises that really work the abs hard. These are intermediate to mostly advance ab exercise that will really get you to work your tummy area. These ab workouts are tough! I use it at the gym and can not belief it, I did a few of them and I almost passed out. Unlike my regular sit ups where my feet are locked into the ab exercise machine–those I could do a max of 120 situps before getting exhausted. Guess I have a weaker ab than I thought.

This guy knows his stuff and got a ton of great information. However, I wish he included more pictures in there showing all the exercise moves because I am not a hardcore exercise fanatic (just yet) who knows all the name of the exercises and what or how to do them exactly. I am a visual learner and the written description just would not do it for me. I need the pictures from start, middle to end for ALL the exercises he is talking about. But if you are a quick learner and pick up things easily, then this e-book could be for you.

This book is more tailor towards intermediate or advance workout oriented people who already know their stuff but just need a few adjustments here and there to fine tune their workout. If you are a beginner or need a lot of help, I think you would need this book and a knowledgeable person there to correct your postures. Mike Geary, the author of this book, could have included more photos–maybe even a DVD demonstrating the workout.

Honestly, I think if you are more of a visual learner like me, your money can be better spent elsewhere. Get an easier ‘how to exercise at the gym’ book where all strength training exercises are drawn out, or where the book is 70 percent pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. And for workout demonstration –pictures are the best teachers.

If you are an intermediate and advance workout enthusiast, who isn’t too visual. You might want to check out Mike’s –> 5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Lose Your Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

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