No surprise… Asian women are known for their thin girlish figures.

So what’s their SECRET to staying thin naturally? What are all these skinny Asians doing to keep them so damn thin?

I’m more than happy to reveal their secrets to you :-)

To do this, let’s look at one of the healthiest cultures in Asia (one we all can strive to model after)…

The Okinawans, of the Okinawa Island in Japan, are recorded to be the leanest, healthiest and longest-lived people on earth!

They have the highest percentage of centenarian in the world.

And get this… their biological aging clock runs slower than the rest of the world. Something about the Okinawan lifestyle is slowing down their aging!

Scientifically speaking, they keep their crucial hormone levels higher so their bodies stay fitter and younger. (If you’d like to learn more about this in non-scientific “regular talk” keep reading…I’ve added a resource below…)

So even when they’re in their 90′s, their body’s health state is of a 70 years old! Of course, this gives them a better quality of life during their winter years.

So ladies, how do they do this? And how does this lead into the secret Asian women stay skinny? The secret lies in what you eat and what you don’t eat.

The Okinawans eat mostly vegetables, whole grains, fruits, tofu, fish and legumes. They eat very little sugar, salt, red meat, dairy, and eggs.

Also they have developed this one significant cultural habit they call, “hara-hachi bu” that helps them control the caloric restriction and portion size intake. It means, ONLY EAT until you are 80% full. Never stuff yourself.

These two practices are a couple of ways the island of Okinawa is known to have the healthiest and longest-lived people on earth.

These two important tips can help any women safely lose weight and stay lean naturally.

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