Ever have a goal you’ve been itching to accomplish?

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a pile of things you want done.

So what’s stopping you?

Time, money, too many distractions…

If you take an honest look you’ll realize almost anything can distract you. And that PERFECT condition you’re waiting for will probably never come.

It’s frustrating. So when is the RIGHT time?

Listen, I was at a point in my life when I had enough. I needed to get my eating and health on track.

I’m eating good (lots of veggies and fruits). But I still felt like CRAP! I still felt tired, exhausted, and cranky after 8 hours of sleep. (That ain’t right.) It didn’t make sense at all.

I WANTED MORE ENERGY! I wanted to feel good! No more lolly gagging around. I’d find the time and money to do it.

That’s when I came across Rose’s program “10 Week Transformation“. A solid program to take me from A to Z. Where I am to where I wanted to be. Step by step. Her program maps out the unique process (specific to you) to straighten out your eating, health, and any imbalances in my body (most of which I didn’t know). The result – you get in the best health condition possible from her body of research.

The funny thing is if I got this done (say in 2008) when I originally hoped… I would be a person with lots of energy and a clear focus alert mind with the characteristics I desired then… And I would have finish twice as much writing and creating as I wanted, if not more. But those four years of wrestling with the idea not only did I lost the time but the energy I could have had.

There’s so much in our life that we want to get done. But distraction always seems to steer us away. So much so that what we truely want gets swept under the rug.

So what can you do?

Well, for one don’t set so many unrealistic goals. Just set ONE and ONLY one that you know you can commit to. One thing at a time. Let’s keep it SIMPLE!

It’s quite surprising when you do this. Because now instead of 10 carrots dangling in front of the horse (causing major confusion and distraction for the horse) there’s only one direction and one carrot for the horse to direct its focus, energy, efforts towards.

I find that this has made all the difference for me. It makes all the difference when planning to accomplish something for the day or for the year. For example, this year – 2012 – I’m getting my health on track! That’s my ONE goal. That’s what I’m committed to. How about you?

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